Will HPV cause infection in my partners and could HPV be the cause of my NOT being able to get pregnant? #1230/7

I was told I have human papillomavirus (HPV) when I was pregnant and I was told that it useally goes away after giving birth, but mine didn’t. I have had two biopsies and I still have it.

Is it possible that I can transfer it to my partner? Can it cause me to have difficulty becoming pregnant? I don’t use condoms. I have two kids already and I have been having sex for the last two years with two different partners and it seems that I can’t get pregnant. My periods are messed up.

Please help me!

You were told you had HPV during your pregnancy.  It did not go away after your pregnancy.  You had two biopsies and still have evidence of HPV. 


HPV can be transferred to a partner but it is not likely to lead to any problems becoming pregnant in the future.  Use of condoms would lower the risk of your infecting your partners if they are not already infected.


It is more likely that it is your irregular periods that are causing you to have difficulty becoming pregnant.


            See your clinician.   You have a lot going on.  Good luck!


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December 22, 2007