Can you provide any data on the likelihood of transmitting and acquiring HPV through oral contact? #634/8

I am an nurse practitioner and I was asked a question about the likelihood of transmitting and acquiring HPV through oral contact of female mouth to penis (no oral/anal contact). She wants “facts/actual numbers” and I cannot find anything that actually would answer this question. She was particularly distressed that I cannot give her actual data. She “really could use some support around this issue rather than constantly being blown off about her concerns.” Maybe I need to refer her to another provider who can better answer her questions.

Any thoughts? Any literature?

Thank you.

Jeanne Marrazzo, any chance that you could prepare an answer to this question that I could send to her?


Reply from Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo on 8-8: Dear Bob,

 Unfortunately there are no real data to help.  I would say that typical genital HPV types are not usually considered to be transmitted through oral sex, since the HPV types associated with oral warts or oral HPV lesions (seen in immunocompromised people, in particular) are not found in the genital tract, typically.  I hope this helps.


Jeanne Marrazzo MD, MPH

Division of Allergy and Infection Diseases, University of Washington

Harborview Medical Center

Seattle, WA


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September 9, 2008