Is the blister on my underwear line likely to be herpes? #1124/9

I’ve had this thing on my underwear line for about a month now. It’s high up, not really RIGHT on my vagina and it’s only one blister. I am conflicted on whether or not it could be herpes. 

I’ve been using condoms for the past 5 months. The last time I saw my boyfriend I performed oral sex on him (not him on me) without a condom. So, wouldnt I have gotten a cold sore on my mouth? I feel like the likelihood of contracting herpes WHILE wearing a condom and not getting any symptoms on my mouth when that was actually in contact with the penis without protection is very low. Is this true?  I’ve only ever been sexually active with that one boyfriend.

I am going to ask my colleague, Dr. Michael Policar.


This certainly doesn’t sound at all like typical herpes, but let’s see what Dr. Policar says. 


From Dr. Policar: “It’s hard to know what the blister is, but I can say for sure it is not herpes.  Genital herpes sores never last longer than 7 to 10 days.  Herpes sores are typically located only on genital skin or the vulva and buttocks, not the panty line skin.”


“Cover the sore with an antibiotic ointment and a band aid.  If it is not gone in a week, check with a clinician.”


Michael Policar, MD, MPH

Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

University of California, San Francisco


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November 28, 2009