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I have horrible premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms like clockwork every month. I am irritable, depressed, angry, bloated, my breasts are tender, I have horrible cramps, I binge eating of chocolate and carbs. I am already taking an antidepressant. It helped out for a while at first, but it isn’t working anymore. I am sure that my hormones are to blame, but my question is; if there is any treatment for this? I am already taking a multi -vitamin, magnesium and calcium.

I am sorry that you are having such unpleasant PMS symptoms.


Birth control pills stop ovulation, so theoretically pills should help.  Taking pills continuously (no hormone-free pills) may be particularly helpful.


What hormonal approaches to PMS, premenstrual syndrome, have you tried and also what other approaches other than antidepressants have you considered or used?


If I were suffering from this complex problem I would first go out and buy the remarkable book by the Boston Women’s Health Collective, Our Bodies Ourselves.  This is a must for your bookshelf, if you don’ already have it.

You can find menstrual charts to print out online at the Taking Care of Your Fertility website: www.tcoyf.com



Her email reply on 4-24: “Thank you for your response.  I am a student at Kennesaw State University.  I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner there (who also specializes in women’s health) last week.  I have been doing research and I guess I was kind of trying to “diagnose” myself.  I noticed that I have all of the symptoms of estrogen dominance, so I made an appointment in hopes of receiving information on some type of hormone therapy that will relieve my symptoms.  She said that hormone therapy is not practical because the hormones fluctuate so much and basically it is normal to have high levels of hormones at certain times of the month and that my PMS symptoms are caused by my body’s response to those hormones.  She also recommended birth control pills and is the one who gave me your information.  Other than vitamins, I have not tried any other type of hormone therapy.  Is there anything that you would recommend? 


Thank you for your time!”


Are you strongly considering taking those pills continuously?  I think this would be one of the best next steps.


I have one other recommendation: keep a meticulous record of your pattern of bleeding in a calendar that permits you to write in details such as amount of bleeding, headaches, beast tenderness, perhaps even a very accurate weight, depression, anxiety, exercise and anything else.


You can get the problem under control.  Don’t give up for a moment!  Call me and we can talk further about your solution.


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