A missed pill, sex, ovulating, stuck condom in vagina, then Plan B One Step. #502/12

My girlfriend and I had sex with a condom on April 29th.  Long story short, the condom disappeared into her vagina for a few minutes and we couldn’t find it. She found it a few minutes later, when she went to the bathroom and removed it. She blew it up and said that it was not broken and had semen inside of it.  The next morning we went and bought Plan B One Step and she took it within 7 hours. 


She is on birth control; however I don’t know what kind.  She had missed a pill a few days prior as well.  Most frightening to me is the fact that the app on her phone that she uses to keep track of her cycle, said that this was her first fertile day of her cycle.  What are the chances that she is pregnant? I’m freaking myself out!

My suggestions:


I always love to see the guy stepping forward to plan an important role in this contraceptive equation.  Thank you!


And I have some great news for you and your girlfriend.  The risk of pregnancy is close to zero.


Most important for certain, her pills lost no effectiveness at all from her missing one pill.  Your condon probably did catch all or most of your sperm.  AND you took Plan B quickly.


Have your girlfriend to stay on schedule with those pills and continue to use condoms.  They are a great backup.

Please tell me now everything stands 3 weeks from now.



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November 15, 2014