Since my first ParaGard IUD expelled, would you recommend trying a second one? #713/12

 I had the ParaGard IUD inserted 3 weeks ago and my body rejected it.  It came out slightly.  I really do not want to use a hormonal birth control.  I really liked the idea of the ParaGard.  Is it recommended to try the IUD again?  Will my body possibly reject it again?

The expulsion rate is slightly higher for a woman who has had a previous expulsion, but still a second insertion of a ParaGard IUD is most likely to remain in place and protect you for 10 to 12 years.


Her email reply on 7-13-:”Thank you.  Is it also okay to use a NuvaRing in conjunction with the IUD in the event that it expels again?  I don’t like the NuvaRing, but I’ve researched it to be the lowest dosage of hormones.”


Yes, it is okay to use the NuvaRing at the same time as there is an IUD in place.


Good luck!

Her email on 7-17: “Thank you.  Ultimately I decided to stick with the NuvaRing until I am ready to try again with the IUD.  My insurance will only cover one or the other, so when I am ready to try again I’ll be able to have both to make a transition.”


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July 20, 2012