What is the correct amount of misoprostol to use as an abortion pill and when should my period start? #720/12

Hi, when is my period supposed to start after using misoprostol as an abortion pill?

My suggestions:


Misoprostol, when used alone, involves taking 800 mcg vaginally at intervals ranging from every 8 to every 24 hours.


Success rates are generally around 70% with one dose of misoprostol (MIS), 80% after two doses and near to 90% after three doses.


Periods will start within several weeks if misoprostol has been successful.


Contraception should start as soon as termination of pregnancy has been confirmed.  I would definitely suggest that you use abstinence or condoms until you know that you are not still pregnant.


 How many doses did you use and what was the dosage of misoprostol you used?


Her email reply on 7-14: “I used 800mg and I bled for almost a week.  I did a test with a pregnancy test strip and it came back negative, but I still haven’t seen my period.  It has been about three weeks since I bled.


Thanks a lot.”


I think it is quite Unlikely that you are pregnant.  How many doses of 800mcg did you use? I would suggest that you use condoms each time you have sex for now.


What method of contraception are you planning to use going forward?  Consider using an IUD or an implant (Implanon or Nexplanon).  A woman is TWENTY TIMES more likely to become pregnant in a year if she uses pills, patches or rings than if she uses and IUD or an implant.  What are you using now?


Her email reply on 7-14: “I used one dose of 800mg.  I normally take Postinor 2 after unprotected sex, but I was told it’s not all that good.  The implant is said to be preferable for people who have had children and that it would be dangerous to ladies who haven’t given birth.  I really don’t know which method is better; hence I really need your advice on which method is safe and healthy.”       


You received incorrect information about the implant, very incorrect information.  Implanon is extremely effective AND SAFE for women who have not yet had children.  Who told you that Implanon implants were dangerous for people who haven’t given birth to a child?


If you ever use misoprostol again, you should use three (3) doses of 800mcg of misoprostol.


Her email reply on 7-14: “A nurse I consulted with told me that the implant was not safe for women to use if they had not had children.


Thanks a lot for the correction.  I would like to know how the Implanon works and how do I go about it.”


The primary way in which Implanon and Nexplanon implants work is to stop ovulation.  It stops ovulation even more effectively than combined birth control pills.  It is even more effective that the Mirena and ParaGard IUDs.


To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Implanon implant, the Mirena IUD, the ParaGard IUD and birth control pills, go to our website: www.managingcontraception.com and click on Choices.  You can also order this wonderful new educational book from our website or by calling 404-875-5001.  Do you have your copy yet?


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July 19, 2012