What are the chances of pregnancy after Mirena removal and taking birth control pills for only a few days? #1008/12

After having the Mirena for 2 months, I recently had it removed on the 4th of October. On that same day, I started taking a new method of birth control, the pill Microgestin. I have not missed a pill, but my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex two days after I had the Mirena removed (on the 6th of October). I thought I was protected since I figured the effects of Mirena would take awhile to wear off AND I am on the pill, but I have not been on the pill the 9 days it recommends before having unprotected sex. I was still bleeding from the Mirena removal until yesterday though, and the morning after having sex I bled the most.


If I were pregnant, I would have stopped bleeding sooner wouldn’t I? What are the chances I am pregnant, and even if they are slight, when can I get a pregnancy test to double check, just in case?

My suggestions:


Your Mirena IUD was removed after 2 months; started pills the same day. You then had unprotected sex 2 days later.


It is possible that there were still some contraceptive effects of the Mirena IUD, but this has really not been evaluated as a research question, so I cannot tell you how great your risk of pregnancy is.


Your bleeding irregularity may last a week or so more. Pregnancy would not alter this much.


I imagine that your risk of pregnancy is quite low.  A pregnancy test 2 weeks after that act of intercourse 2 days following removal of your IUD should reassure you that you are not pregnant.


Please let me know the result.  Either use abstinence or outercourse until you know exactly where you stand.  Does all this make sense?



Her reply on 10-15: “I actually called my OB/GYN and he said that after having Mirena removed, it immediately can lose effect.  So, I took the Plan B pill just in case.  The doctor said chances of pregnancy are very, very low now and not to worry unless I miss my period in 2 weeks.


Thanks though!”


RAH’s reply on 10-15: I agree and good luck!


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October 17, 2012