With 2 negative HPT tests after 2 missed periods, could I be pregnant? #1018/12

My last period was 8/24 (going on 2 months without a period). I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests (HPT), which both came out negative. The only change I’ve noticed is I have trouble pooping and the last 2 days I have felt like my period is coming, but still nothing. I’ve also had some bloating.  My husband and I use the pull out method and often have sex. I have 1 child who is a year old and with him I did not have many pregnancy symptoms of which one was that I had trouble pooping and I had 2 missed periods. I found out at 8 weeks pregnant with him using the HPT test. Is it possible I’m pregnant? I am confused!

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Two negative sensitive urine pregnancy tests is fairly good evidence that you are NOT pregnant now.


Assuming that you do NOT hope to become pregnant now (is that the case?) I would suggest that you do two things:

1.    Continue using withdrawal carefully.

2.    Repeat a pregnancy test in a week or two.  If the test is still negative and you still have not had a period, go see your doctor for a pelvic exam at which time your uterus will be enlarged.


In the meantime:


If there is any possibility that you are NOW pregnant and that you would carry your pregnancy to term, several recommendations:


  1. Stop drinking at all if you drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. Go to a pharmacy and get prenatal vitamins, the most important of which is folic acid (folate).
  3. Stop smoking at all, if you are smoking.
  4. Eat healthy foods…you will be eating for two people.
  5. Use condoms if at any risk for an infection.


Her reply on 10-19: “Thank you!  I would not mind if I was pregnant, it’s always a blessing.  We had a time getting pregnant the first time.  I plan on taking a test today, since today would make me 8 weeks, if I am pregnant.


Thank you for the advice!


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October 25, 2012