I am sitting right on the fence!. My last period was 1-10-2013 and I've had unprotected sex several times. Am I pregnant? #203/13

Last month my period was 4 days late.  I thought maybe I was pregnant.  Today, 2-7-13, was supposed to be the start of my next period.  My last menstrual period was January 10, 2013.  We had unprotected sex several times.  Yesterday I had an appointment and my urine test came back negative.  I have no signs of my period starting at all. 

I have some questions and suggestions for you:


1.    Is it you or is it your boyfriend who wants you to become pregnant?

2.    Start thinking about this questions: What will you do if you are pregnant?  Really seriously consider this question.

3.    Wait one more week and do a sensitive urine pregnancy test.

4.    Definitely use condoms or abstinence until you are certain where you stand.  Does this make sense?

If you would carry a pregnancy to term, if you are pregnant, consider the following recommendations:


Please write me back and tell me the answers to questions #1 and #2 and also tell me the reasons why you are having unprotected sex.


If there is any possibility that you are NOW pregnant and that you would carry your pregnancy to term, several recommendations:

  1. Stop drinking at all if you drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. Go to a pharmacy and get prenatal vitamins, the most important of which is folic acid (folate).
  3. Make an appointment to both confirm your pregnancy and start prenatal care (if you plan to carry this pregnancy to term).
  4. Stop smoking at all, if you are smoking.
  5. Eat healthy foods…you will be eating for two people.
  6. Use condoms if at any risk for an infection.


Her reply on 2-9: “To answer a few of your questions; I already have one child and I want a second one.  I spoke to my boyfriend about it and he said we would try until my appointment for birth control and that if I did end up pregnant, it would be a blessing.  I don’t use condoms because they give me a reaction, where I become very dry.  Spermicides, like Encare, cause an imbalance and I end up with an infection.  Today is Saturday the 9th and I still haven’t started my period yet.  I am having some discharge that is somewhat clear and only when I wipe after using the bathroom.  I am supposed to start my birth control pills tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I should or not due to the chance of being pregnant. I’m going to assume that I should just wait to see if I start my period.  I will let you know either way. 


I really appreciate all of the information that you have provided me.  It’s comforting to know that I can email you and you show a genuine concern for my well-being.


Best regards.”


RAH’s reply on 2-10: Seems to me as though you have it quite well thought out.  Please do let me know how it turns out.  I would think that you are not pregnant, but we will see.  Good luck and thanks for your nice words.


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