I took 2 birth control pills after unprotected sex. Why is my period delayed? #425/13

I had sex the 20th of last month and on the following day I took 2 tablets; although I don’t normally take pills. My period is due on the 25th of the month, but I have not yet had my period.  I have done 3 pegnancy tests and all of them were negative.  What could possibly be the cause of my delayed period?  What can I do?  Please advise!

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Repeat the pregnancy test on about May 10th to reassure yourself.


What 2 pills did you take on the 21st?


Until you know exactly what your pregnancy status is, use abstinence or a condom or outercourse.


Her email reply on 4-29: “It is Yasmin pills that I took.  Thanks for your reply.”


RAH’s reply on 4-29: So you have been taking Yasmin pills and missed one pill and had to take 2 the next day??  If that is the case, you are at NO INCREASE RISK FOR PREGNANCY.  GOOD NEWS!


Her reply again on 4-29: “Nope, I’ve not taken any pills for more than a year.  It just so happened that my husband and I had unprotected sex, although I assumed that I was safe on that date (I normally get my period on or just before the 25th of the month).  I took 2 of the Yasmin birth control pills the next day and I continued taking them as the entire pack was not finished.”


Where do you stand right now, May 18, 2013?  Please give me a follow-up!


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May 18, 2013