My husband

Hi, as the subject suggests, I suspect I may be pregnant, even though my
husband has had a vasectomy.  He had it done in December 2012 and has had two tests done (last one showed dead sperm).


My period is usually a 30-day cycle and was due on the 24th of April. We have two children already.  I have done 4 home pregnancy tests and all are negative. The last one was done this morning with first morning urine. I have the following symptoms: light headiness, runny nose (which is what I got with both pregnancies), cramps/sore tummy muscle on left, tiredness, grumpy, acne & lower back pain.  Could I be pregnant?      

Good morning!


Pregnancy is extremely unlikely.  If no period, go for a pelvic exam if no period in another 3-4 weeks.  You can be quite reassured by those 4 negative pregnancy tests.


Her email reply on 4-30: “Thank you for your quick reply to me.”


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May 20, 2013