How is Sexual Etiquette 101 used? #1005/7

Please explain how Sexual Etiquette 101 is used.  Bridging the Gap is interested in knowing how its pubs are used.  In response to a large order of our book for college and university students, we received this response from the Director of Student Health Services at Bard College:


Micki Strawinski our administrative assistant in the Bard Student Health Service showed me the note that you sent regarding our use of SE 101.  We are happy to reply.  I’m not sure where I first came across SE101, but I think I got some mailing about its availability years ago.  We also subscribe to Contraceptive Technology and perhaps that was where I heard about it. I have been ordering it for years for our freshman orientation programs. We give it as a freebie gift from the Student Health Service.  The feedback I get from students is that they do read it and like it. I also use it occasionally as a teaching guide. One of the nurse practitioners in our health service also uses it quite a bit. She coordinates our Peer Health Educator program.  Those students love it. 


Our problem at Bard is that the peer educators just want to do sex education and not do less sexy programming on smoking for example. However, it is of course a timeless topic.  And our adolescent population, with their undeveloped frontal lobes, needs much in the way of sex education.  Unfortunately, they are not getting much sex education in high school, due to the current non -science based initiatives that our “fearless leader” President has created.  We appreciate the peer contributors and factual information that sex educators provides our students. 


Marsha Davis, FNP, Director Health Services


To order Sexual Etiquette 101:  you can call: 770-887-8383 or fax to: 770-205-1180 or go to our website: and click on ORDER PRODUCTS to choose Sexual Etiquette 101


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October 24, 2007