I have pregnancy symptoms even though we used condoms and 3 pregnancy tests have been negative. #718/13

It’s been over five weeks (currently 38 days) since the start of my last period. My menstrual cycle is often long (last month, it was 33 days long), but this is unusual. I have taken two pregnancy tests (one at 35 days and one at 37 days since the start of my last period), and both were negative.

For the past few days, I have felt some typical pre-menstrual symptoms (tender breasts, frequent urination, tiredness, nausea), but I’ve read that many of these are also signs of early pregnancy. Two things have changed this past month: I have been very stressed, especially in the past two weeks. Also, my partner and I use condoms, but a couple times last month, we started to have sex before putting on the condom. (We put the condom on well before ejaculation.) My questions are these: 1. Did I take the pregnancy tests too early? 2. Could stress have delayed my period? 3. Could I have gotten pregnant from pre-cum?

Thank you very much.

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Your two pregnancy tests at 35 and 37 days strongly suggest that you are NOT pregnant.  These tests were not done too early.


Stress definitely may delay the onset of a woman’s periods.


Pregnancy is UNLIKELY to result from pre-cum.


Good luck and please do keep me posted. PLEASE!


Her email reply on 7-30: Hi Dr. Hatcher, thank you very much for your thorough reply!  I took another pregnancy test right before I received your email (on day 41 since the start of my last period) and it was also negative.  I’m not sure what’s going on…would testing again in a few days be overkill?”


RAH’s reply on 7-30: Another test is probably not necessary.

Please let us know what happened.

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