Am I safe from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy if I had sex without using a condom? #910/13

I have been married for 2 years now. I feel very guilty as I had unprotected sex twice with another man who is my college friend. He is also married and has a 5 month-old child now. Am I safe from all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or not?


Ok, one more thing, he has had protected sex before with 2 to 3 girls.  After I had sex with him, 4 days later I had unprotected sex with my husband.


Please help as I can’t sleep.

Good afternoon   

Be sure to use protection now until you know exactly where you stand.


When your next period is EXPECTED, do a sensitive urine pregnancy test.  If it is negative, repeat it in a week.


You may get through this without infection or an unintended pregnancy.  However, both are a possibility as you know.


Several questions:

  1. When did your last period begin?
  2. For how many days did your last period last?
  3. Has your husband also had sex with other women in the past several months?
  4. When would you and your husband like to become pregnant in the future (if ever)?


Answer these questions and I will give you a more complete answer.


Good luck!


Her email reply on 9-16: “My period date was August 26th and it lasted for 5 days.  I had sex on the 7th of September and I had sex on the 24th of August.  Both dates were unprotected sex with the other man.


And NO, my husband has not had sex with anybody ever in his life except me.  We would like to get pregnant next year.  That would be January or February 2014.


I just want to know if I am safe.  I don’t want to get any infection or HIV or something.  I can’t even go alone for all this testing without my husband, because I’m from a good family and don’t do anything without his support and permission.  I’m just feeling very guilty and would never do this again.  What should I do?  Please reply it is urgent!”


RAHs reply on 9-17 (early AM): Is there any way you could obtain a confidential exam?  Do you by any chance use condoms as your contraceptive?  What city do you live in?


Her email reply on 9-17(early AM): “Yes, I do use condoms with my husband and when I had sex on the 24th of August with the other man I used a condom one time and not the other.  I did it without precautions! 


I can do the home pregnancy test.  That is no issue, but not for a blood test for STDs.  If you guide me as to what to do, I will.  Please help me.  Are there chances of getting a disease or infection? Touch wood…up until now my periods have been regular.


RAHs email 9-17 (AM): You do not need to use a blood pregnancy test.  The sensitive urine pregnancy test is very sensitive.  So you had 1 (one) or 0 (zero) acts of intercourse without a condom with that college friend?


Her reply on 9-17 (PM): “I know the urine test is f9.  So from the urine test, will I come to know my status of infection and pregnancy?  I had sex 2 (twice on the 24th) with that person, one time it was with a condom and the other time after 10 minutes without a condom.  Then I had my period on the 26th of August.  The next sex was on the 7th of September.  This time without a condom.  Both times I was drunk.”


Thanks a lot for your response!  Keep asking me so I get more solved.”


RAHs reply on 9-17 (PM): You are definitely at some risk for both pregnancy and infection.


Today, September 23rd, have you been able to do a pregnancy test yet and if so, what were the results?  Please let us know.  I did not ask you previously, but how old are you?


Her reply on 9-24: “Please help doctor!  I’m waiting for your reply.  It’s the 24th today and I’m near to my period (the 26th).  I’m more worried about STD’s and STI’s.  I’m not able to sleep. If I get my period am I safe from all infections?”


RAH’s reply on 9-24:  If you get your period on about the expected date and it lasts for the usual number of days, that suggests that you are not pregnant.  It DOES NOT eliminate the possibility of an infection.

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