I had protected intercourse with a condom, but my period is late. Should I be worried? #915/13

On September 5th I had protected intercourse with a condom. However, before he put on the condom, we did have unprotected genital contact, but without penetration.


In the past my menstrual cycles have always been very regular. Going by an average cycle length of 31 days, I should have expected my period to arrive on September 19th (my last period was August 20th). So far I haven’t experienced any typical premenstrual symptoms and today is day 38.

I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and today, both tests were negative. I found one light drop of blood on my underwear this morning, but no bleeding since. I should note that my last cycle (August 6th – 20th) was very short; due to me taking emergency contraceptive pills (Next Choice) ten days in.

Did I test too early for a positive pregnancy test? Is there a real possibility that I might be pregnant? Any information you could shed on this situation would be very helpful.


Thank you in advance!

Good morning,


It was an appropriate time to do a pregnancy test and the negative results suggest that you are NOT pregnant.


Moreover, what you and he did should not have led to a pregnancy.


To reassure yourself, repeat a sensitive urine pregnancy test in about a week, but I believe that you are perfectly okay.


Please send me the result of your confirmatory pregnancy test.



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October 8, 2013