Was I protected against pregnancy if we used withdrawal one time and a condom the second time? #1101/13

My last period started on the 5th of October. I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 12th of October.  That means I had sex 8 days after my period started.  He ejaculated outside the vagina, not inside.


Again I had sex on the 14th of October and this time he used a condom, still I took the emergency contraceptive pill, Unwanted 72 on the 14th of October. On the 19th I had some brown spotting when I went to the bathroom, but it didn’t feel like a period.  It lasted until the 21st of October.  Again I had a white discharge.  On the 31st of October I got my period 5 days early as it should have started on November 5th.  Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

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If I understand your history correctly, you had sex on the 8th and 10th days of your cycle.  We always count the first day of bleeding as the first day of your menstual cycle. The first time you used pulling out or withdrawal.  The second time you used a condom.


You then used an emergency contraceptive pill the same day as the second intercourse.


While pregnancy is always possible, your risk appears to be very, very low.  I am guessing that you will not be pregnant.


Please let us know what happens.  Please do give us a follow-up.


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