Am I likely to become pregnant if I took emergency contraception 29 hours after being raped? #305/14

I was raped on the first of March.  I used the emergency contraceptive, Postinor (Postinor in Europe is the same as Plan B in the United States),  29 hours later.  Am I likely to become pregnant?

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I am so sorry you have been forced to deal with two different issues, rape and the risk for an unwanted pregnancy.  You seem to have responded very quickly.  Good job.


Your pregnancy test will now be positive if you are pregnant, BUT YOU MOST LIKELY ARE NOT PREGNANT.


EC with POPs            Only 1.1% of 967 women using        89% average         12 pregnancies per

PLAN B                       POPs for EC became pregnant       reduction of           1000 unprotected acts

Next Choice                in a WHO multi-center study           pregnancy rate      of sexual intercourse

                                     (WHO task-force on Postovulatory  based on WHO      followed by POPs

                                     Methods of Fertility Regulation.      Perfect-use study

                                     Lancet Aug. 8, 1998)


If the test is negative, repeat the test in 7 days to completely reassure yourself.


Where do you stand today?


We wish you the very, very best and if you have any questions now, May 5th, feel free to ask.



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