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Bob, I did pregnancy counseling last month with an 18 year-old college student.  She had no sense of what her menses schedule is.  No idea as to when her last menstrual period (LMP) was.  She had sex with “a church guy” (whom she liked) and then 2 days later she had sex with “a drug guy” (a dealer she wasn’t too fond of).


She came to me to ask if I could help her figure out which guy it was who was responsible for her pregnancy.  If it was the “church guy”, she wanted to continue the pregnancy, but if it was the “drug guy”, she was considering termination.


Four days later, she returned to my office to admit there was a third guy who was  an even “druggier guy” and how was she to decide what to do or who the father was.  She wanted to know if she could have paternity testing at 7 weeks pregnant, so she could decide.


We had the “Let’s Get Serious” talk!


Amy Reichback, Clinical Health Educator

Klotz Health Center

Cal State University, Northridge, CA


You are wise to suggest that she become more thoughtful and wiser about the potintially serious long-term effects of sexual intimacy.


I never ever use the website: to try to figure out paternity questions. Never ever!


Amy Reichback, can you give any further follow-up on this woman?  For how many infections has she been treated?


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