Could I become pregnant again the night before a planned abortion I had unprotected sex? #603/14

I terminated my pregnancy on the 6th of June.  The nurse said I must wait for 14 days in order for my cycle to get back to normal. 


This morning I took a pregnancy test.  One line was clear and the other one was lightly visible.  The pamphlet says if the other line appears lightly visible, it’s positive.


Now I am worried and I don’t know what to think.  Am I really pregnant after an abortion? The day before termination I had unprotected sex. Could that be the reason why I am pregnant again?  Can you get pregnant twice while still pregnant if ejaculation took place when you are pregnant?


Please help!


This is a question that for practical purposes might be answered as follows: sex the night before abortion does NOT put you at risk for a second pregnancy. Pregnancy is quite unlikely from unprotected sex the day before your abortion.


Pregnancy tests remain positive for a short while after an abortion.  Use contraception for sure if you have sex.

Very, very rarely a woman can become pregnant from ova (eggs) that mature a month apart.  This is an extraordinarily rare event.


Good luck!


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