Is it necessary for my partner to wear a condom and pull out to prevent pregnancy? #703/14

I’m not on birth control at all and I am going to have sex for the first time.  Is it necessary for him to wear a condom and pull out?  I’ve read the statistics and I don’t want to have to worry about the condom breaking or being the 2% that gets pregnant.



If the condom goes on before his penis goes anywhere near your vagina AND he pulls out as soon as he comes, then the condom alone is very, very effective (1 in 4,000 chance of pregnancy from that single act of intercourse).

The 2% perfect use failure rate is a woman’s risk of pregnancy from using condoms perfectly for an entire year (average may be 80 acts of intercourse over a span of one year). 

If the condom goes onto him as above AND he withdraws before ejaculation and comes away from your vagina, the risk is even lower FROM THAT ONE ACT OF INTERCOURSE.


The other important question is: “What method of birth control do you plan to use going forward if you plan to continue to have vaginal intercourse?”


 Today, August 5th, did you have that one act of intercourse?  What contraceptive do you plan to use in the future?  How old are you?


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August 7, 2014