After unprotected sex I took Postinor and my period was just spotting. Even after a negative pregnancy text I am still concerned. #610/14

I had unprotected sex on May 31, 2014 and I took Postinor 2 and I had my period on June11, 2014. My period is very light and I am just spotting and I have breast pain too.  I did a pregnancy test and it was negative.  I am afraid if I’m suffering from a disease like a cyst.  I was diagnosed with a cyst the last two years.  I didn’t follow-up with the doctor because I didn’t have any pain or symptoms.  So, I’m worried now because I have never had light periods and just spotting like I am now.


Please help me!


Thank you. 


I cannot diagnose the status of a possible cyst. 


Tell me, How old are you?  Are you having sexual intercourse?  About how often?  Are you using a contraceptive?  What else do you want me to know about your situation today?


Her reply on 6-25: “I am 25 years old.  I usually have sex only on weekends and using condoms.  I am supposed to have my period on 6-11-14, but no heavy bleeding, just spotting. A week after that, my period started again and was a heavy flow.  I’m really confused about what is happening inside me.


Warmest regards.”


RAH’s reply on 7-4: Sounds to me as though you are NOT pregnant.  Menstrual bleeding patterns can be so confusing.


To reassure yourself, a sensitive urine pregnancy test now might help.  But I am fairly sure it will be negative.


Good luck!



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