Is pregnancy still possible even though I took birth control pills, used the withdrawal method and then took emergency contraceptive pills? #702/14

The first day of my last period was May 30th.  I started on Marvelon on June 12th.  I had sexual contact on June 15th and used Nordette an hour after (took 4 pills and then 4 pills again 12 hours after that). The withdrawal method was also used during this contact.  I took emergency pills only because I was only on the 4th day of Marvelon.  After the emergency contraceptive pill I continued with my birth control pills, Marvelon.


I had contact again on June 22 and June 27th.  We also used withdrawal while I was on Marvelon.  I had a pregnancy test July 1st and it was negative.  By the way, July 2nd is the last day of my Marvelon (21st).  No period yet as of today, July 2nd.  What are my chances of pregnancy given all of these circumstances?


Repeat your pregnancy test in 10 days.  Let me know your results.  Your risk of pregnancy is incredibily LOW.


Start your next cycle of Marvelon on schedule.


Her reply on 7-5: “My period had come today, July 5th.  I had contact last night the second day of my inactive pills.  There was blood that came out after the contact.  No drops, but fresh blood.  It stopped after that.


I did the test 5 days later, but still negative.  I had blood last on the 27th of June, also after contact, but like the blood last night (July 4th), it stopped afterwards.  What is with the blood, a delayed period and a negative pregnancy test?”


RAH’s reply on 7-5: Good news.  Continue to use your birth control pills on schedule and also withdrawal, if you wish, as this will increase your protection against an unintended pregnancy.



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