Where can my patients get a diaphragm? #708/14

I still have a few patients who want the diaphragm. Multiple pharmacies have told me this is not available. Are there other sources for diaphragms? Are there other companies making diaphrams? I know that Ortho no longer makes this.

J. Canaday

Didn’t we figure out a way for a person to get a diaphragm Rebecca Bowers?  Any suggestions?


From Rebecca Bowers on 7-7: Milex still offers diaphragms; Contraceptive Technology Update (CTU) covered this in June 2014 issue in the article, “Diaphragm: Update on this barrier contraceptive.”


To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of diaphragms; go to: www.managingcontraception.com and click on Choices 2013 edition.  You can also order this wonderful new educational book from our website or by calling 404-875-5001.  Do you have your copy yet?  It is now available in English and Spanish.   



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August 10, 2014