For maximum effectiveness, should I use condoms along with my YAZ and withdrawal? #810/14

Overall, how effective is YAZ and withdrawal in preventing pregnancy?  This is what we are using now.  Should I consider using condoms as well?


First, congrats to you and your boyfriend.  Used perfectly condoms plus withdrawal are extremely effective.

However, there are 2 reasons to consider taking pills and using condoms as your contraceptive:

1.      First, the 5 most important infections you can get from sex are all transmitted more than half the time from a man to a woman by a man who is completely without symptoms.

2.    Your risk for pregnancy is reduced by using condoms regularly, particularly if you tend to forget pills or have difficulty returning for new packages of pills.


So, tell me, what is going to be your plan?


Her reply : “Well, I take my pills every day at the same time religiously.  My boyfriend and I just graduated from college in the spring and we were each other’s first sexual partner.  I just want to make sure I’m doing all that I can to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, as we both are in graduate school now.  So, I think adding condoms may be a good idea for us.”


It sounds to me as though infection is not an issue at all for you and it seems that you are taking your pills in a way that will lead to maximal effectiveness (just 3 woman using pills this well become pregnant in a year).  So, if 3 per 1,000 is too high a risk, use condoms.


Please tell me what you and your boy friend decide to do.     


Her reply: “I think we’ve decided to use condoms as well.  With both of us in graduate school, it is a risk we do not want to take.”

“Thank you for your input.  I really appreciate hearing a doctor’s opinion!”      

Today, August 26th, could you give us a follow-up on what contraceptive you are using?  Are you still with the same boyfriend during graduate school?  Have you had any unintended pregnancies?


If all women are as careful as you and your boyfriend have been, unintended pregnancies and infections related to sex would cease to be the problem that they are in our country today.



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August 26, 2014