Is there a risk of pregnancy if a patient goes past the third year for replacement of their implant? #710/14

We have several clients that have been very happy with Implanon/Nexplanon that they are now on their 3rd replacement. We use the expiration date of 3 years for replacement, but occasionally have clients who are slightly beyond the 3 year expiration date. What is the
risk of pregnancy after the 3 year date (when should we worry about emergency contraception/risks of pregnancy prior to removal and re-insertion)?

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At least 3 studies have shown no pregnancies in the 4th year of Implanon use.


A longer study has found no pregnancies into the 5th year. At the present time, women whose Nexplanon implants have been in for more than 4 years should definitely consider having it replaced or use condoms for additional protection.


So there definitely no cause for fear when a woman slightly exceeds the 3 year removal recommendation.


See both Contraceptive Technology and Managing Contraception for references.



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