What's your must important message about condoms? #805/14


A 2% perfect-use failure rate means that 2 women protected by perfect condom use every single time they have sex become pregnant in the course of a year.  Do the math!  This comes to 1 pregnancy from each 4,000 acts of sexual intercourse.


1.    The prevalence of condom use at last intercourse increased by one-third among sexually active high school students between 1991 and 2007, from 46% to 61%.  (See Male Condoms chapter in 20th edition of Contraceptive Technology by Lee Warner and Markus Steiner p. 371).

2.    Dual protection:  To improve contraceptive effectiveness, prevent sexually transmitted infections and prevent tubal occlusion due to silent chlamydia infections, use condoms as well as another more effective contraceptive.

3.    The two most common reasons condoms are not used:

·        The individual and/or the couple feel they are not at risk

·        No condom is available when it is needed



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