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A:  I have heard it one time too often.  “I don’t need to know about birth control. I am done with that.”  She or he could go on to say “I am too old” or “I’ve had my tubes tied.” 

But there are medical conditions for which the best approach today is one of our current contraceptives.  By preventing of ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer, providing contraceptives may be life-saving to some women who do not need birth control.  Decreasing the number of missed days of work or school due to severe menstrual cramps, pain or bleeding, may benefit women from 10 to 50 years of age whether or not they need contraception.  Our current contraceptives are a many-splendored group of drugs.  They are So Much More than just contraceptives.


Ovarian cancer The most lethal of the female reproductive track cancers, may originate in either the ovary itself or in the fimbriated ends of the fallopian tubes that hover directly over the ovaries.

CONTRACEPTION: Protection against ovarian cancer is perhaps the most important noncontracep­tive benefit of pills. The protective effect of combined pills ranges from 40-80% and persists for 20-30 years after stopping pills [Int J. Cancer-WHO Collaborative Study 1991] [Vessey MP et. al., Endometrial ovarian cancer and OCs BR J Cancer 1995]. Depo-Provera has a comparable protective effect against ovar­ian cancer.

For years it has been known that tubal sterilization lowers a woman’s risk for ovarian cancer. Now with the knowledge that many lethal forms of ovarian cancer start in the distal fallopian tubes it is often recommended that the distal fallopian tubes be removed at the time of tubal sterilization (salpingectomy).

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