Managing Contraception

264 pages 4.5”X7.25” Fits in lab coat pocket for quick and easy reference.

264 pages 4.5”X7.25” Fits in lab coat pocket for quick and easy reference.

2017-2018 14th Edition

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Completely Updated in June 2017!!

BY: Robert A. Hatcher, MD, MPH, Mimi Zieman, MD, Eva Lathrop, MD, MPH, Lisa Haddad, MD, MS, MPH, Ariel Z. Allen, Medical Student Teach a group of nurses, doctors, public health students and residents by using this practical book. IT ANSWERS A THOUSAND QUESTIONS!!!! Here are just a very few:

  1. Can two condoms be used at the same time?
  2. What outpatient RX was found to best treat endometriosis in a large randomized study? The same approach is THE BEST treatment for HMB (heavy menstrual bleeding).
  3. Latest CDC/MEC in color and easy to access in the book.
  4. Nexplanon/Implanon remains effective for how many years? The correct answer is not in the package insert.

Something NEW or updated in almost EVERY CHAPTER!! 

Sexual Etiquette 101 & More

BTG-Sexual-Etiquette-101-CoverFsmTake on some of the most challenging topics for young people today.
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SEXUAL ETIQUETTE 101 and MORE…………….takes on some of the most challenging topics for young people today. This 248 page book is filled with stories, handy resources, color photos, and valuable tools for teens, young adults, parents and educators too!!!

Readers will learn how to communicate effectively so they can have healthy relationships, understand sexual diversity, be more media savvy, make healthier decisions…
and much MORE

Written by certified sexual counselors and sexual educators active in the field, Sharon A. Rachel, MPH, MA, CSE and Christion J. Thrasher, MA, CSC, CSE. The lead author is an international expert in contraception and family planning, Robert A. Hatcher, MD, MPH.

Chapters include topics on: Communications, Relationships, Love, Abstinence, Sexuality and Religion, Family Planning, Diversity, Disabilities Chronic Conditions and Sexuality, Media, Bulling, Drugs and Alcohol, STDS & HIV/AIDS.

Filled with colorful photographs………

Ideal use in all sexual education classes, hand out to teen patients, middle school, high school and college students………….many colleges use as a freshman orientation handout!!

The goal is to educate and prevent unintended teen pregnancies!!!! ORDER TODAY…………..Save by ordering large quantities

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The Daunting DownsideThe Daunting Downside of Condoms, Pills, and Injections is now also available for download. Click below to download your free copy!

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Contraceptive Options Poster - Newly Updated!

All methods of CONTRACEPTION OPTIONS poster updated. Printed two sides with one side showing all the pills from the lowest to the highest dosage, plus photos photos of the other methods, including the NEXPLANON, COPPER T IUD, MIRENA, SKYLA, RING, IMPLANT, PATCH, SPONGUE and CONDOMS.

GREAT for the patient to show which pill she is taking if she can’t remember the name of the pill but will recognize the package.

The other side features the LARC methods (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive). It has an illustration of the uterus showing where contraception works and MUCH MORE!


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Choices in English and Spanish

Choices includes 21 updated descriptions of contraceptives (birth control methods). In writing these descriptions, we have tried to be brief, giving the most important information only, including the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is our desire that young people have a choice, including abstinence,when it comes to their sexual health.

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