Contraceptive Technology 21st Edition

Now in its 21st edition, this well-known text with more than 2 million copies in print is the leading family planning reference for over 30 years Completely NEW! Click here to preview the complete table of contents.

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Managing Contraception 16th Edition

The NEW & UPDATED version of Managing Contraception is now available for purchase in our online store!

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Choices, Updated 2022

A quick and easy way for young people to learn the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of ALL birth methods, from ABSTINENCE to all the LARC methods and everything in between!!

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Contraceptive Options Poster - Newly Updated!

All methods of CONTRACEPTION OPTIONS poster updated. Printed two sides and laminated with one side showing all the pills from the lowest to the highest dosage, plus photos of the other methods, including the NEXPLANON, COPPER T IUD, MIRENA, SKYLA, RING, IMPLANT, PATCH, SPONGUE, and CONDOMS.

GREAT for the patient to show which pill she is taking if she can’t remember the name of the pill but will recognize the package.

The other side features the LARC methods (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive). It has an illustration of the uterus showing where contraception works and MUCH MORE!


Choices in English and Spanish

Choices includes 21 updated descriptions of contraceptives (birth control methods). In writing these descriptions, we have tried to be brief, giving the most important information only, including the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is our desire that young people have a choice, including abstinence,when it comes to their sexual health.

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