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Why do most women visit the doctor’s office? #208/15

Q         From ages 12 to 50, what are the most common reasons why a woman makes a trip to the physician’s office? A:        That’s an easy one! Women go to the physician and nurse practioners because of menstrual cycle problems.Below is a case of a 14 year-old who... read more

Is Menstruation Obsolete? #101/15

Category:     Women’s poignant quotes about the symptoms that may happen cyclically    Q:  Dr. Bob, what are some of women’s quotes about symptoms they may experience during their menstrual cycles. These quotes are taken from Dr. Sheldon Segal’s book; “Is... read more

Could a zinc supplement damage a ParaGard IUD? #1205/14

Q:        Dear Dr. Hatcher, Can a half year or so of zinc supplementation damage a ParaGard IUD or make it less effective?  I’ve come across a few articles saying copper and zinc “antagonize” each other, but those articles are older (70’s and 80’s) and hidden behind... read more