My girlfriend had her normal period, but on the 5th day, we had unprotected sex, which led her to taking Postinor 2.  After 5 days she started to bleed and this went on for 3 days.  On the 4th day after bleeding, we had unprotected sex and the condom broke.  Later she took Postinor 2 again.  So far she has not noticed anything.  We are worried.  Can she be pregnant and will she get her next period?

A:        Your girlfriend has had no period since the 2nd Postinor (emergency contraceptive pill) was used in the same cycle. It was perfectly okay to have done this.  How many days has it been now since the last act of sex when the condom broke?

His reply on 10-25: “Thanks doctor for your reply!”

When the condom breaks more than once, from then on that couple should always use two condoms.

“After taking the Postinor pill for the second time, my girlfriend did not bleed.  It has been 4 days since the condom broke.  Her normal periods were on October 4th then on the 5th we had sex and on the 6th she took the Postinor 2 pill (after 5 days).  On the 11th she started to bleed and continued to bleed until the 13th.  On the 15th we had protected sex, but the condom broke and later she took the Postinor pill again.  She is worried.”


You have experienced condom breaks X2 and if you are going to use condoms ever again, use 2 condoms at once.

I would suggest a pregnancy test today and in 10 days.

Tell her to consider an IUD or Implanon implant as her ongoing contraception or these problems are going to cause you both such anxiety.