I used the QuickStart method with the pill and my period was in about 12 days.  After my first pill, I started bleeding and after 10 days of bleeding I decided to get the Depo injection.  I will be seeing my boyfriend in 12 days.  Should I worry about getting pregnant?  Can I use an emergency contraceptive just to make doubly sure this does not happen?

Good morning!

Did you continue taking the pills each day until the day of your Depo injection?  If that is the case, you have been protected all along and are protected now.

 Her email reply on 1-12: “Yes, I took my pill at 9:00 PM every night and not even 24 hours after my last pill, I received my first Depo shot.   

Thank you so much for the quick response!  I tried many other sites and this is the first reply I received.  This is definitely the place to get the right answers!” 

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Robert A. Hatcher MD, MPH

Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Emory University School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

January 11, 2012, January 12, 2012, January 18, 2012