Q         Is it possible for a woman to come more than once during intercourse?


A:        The information below was provided by Dr. Erika Pluhar:

“Yes, a woman is physiologically capable of more than one orgasm during sexual activity with a partner as well as masturbation.  Unlike men, women usually do not experience what is called a refractory period after orgasm – a time during which no further sexual arousal is physically possible.  (Some men have very short refractory periods, though).  That is why a woman can have multiple orgasms.  It is important to note that sexual response varies greatly from woman to woman, so just because women are capable of multiple orgasms doesn’t mean that all women have them (or should have them).

By the way, if you want to see a woman having an orgasm at a restaurant, rent the movie “When Harry Met Sally”.  You’ll want what Sally’s having!! 

Robert A. Hatcher MD, MPH

Emeritus Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Emory University School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA


Erika Pluhar, PhD, MS

Certified Sexuality Educator

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Rollins School of Public Health

Emory University School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

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