My sister is 9 weeks pregnant, but her IUD is still in place.  Should she have it removed or just keep it?  What will happen with her pregnancy if she leaves it in place?

  1. If the strings of your sister’s IUD are still present at the opening of her cervix, her IUD should be removed now before those strings are drawn up into the uterine cavity.
  2. Removal of that IUD may lead to a miscarriage in about 25% of cases.
  3. Leaving the IUD in utero leads to miscarriage in about 50% of cases and often those miscarriages are due to septic abortions, septic miscarriages that are potentially much more dangerous for the pregnant woman.

   BOTTOM LINE: Recommend to your sister that her IUD be removed right now! 

Contraceptive Technology 19th Edition

Chapter 7.  Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) by David A. Grimes, MD


If a woman becomes pregnant with an IUD in place, confirm that the pregnancy is intrauterine and not ectopic. Remove the IUD promptly, regardless of her plans for the pregnancy. Early removal reduces the risk of spontaneous miscarriage or preterm delivery should the woman plan to continue the pregnancy.  If the woman plans to continue the pregnancy, she should be alerted to look for symptoms of an influenza-like syndrome, which might be manifestations of a septic spontaneous abortion. A copper or non-medicated IUD in place during pregnancy carries no known risk of teratogenesis. If the woman plans to have an induced abortion, remove the IUD promptly rather than wait for removal at the time of abortion.  

Today, May 28th, has your sister had her IUD removed yet? 

(6-4-2010): We want to know where the IUD is and how your sister is doing.

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