I’ll take a Veggie Delite® SUBWAY® subs and calories

Bob Hatcher

February 11, 2011

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          Want to lose some weight?  Next time you’re thinking fast food, forget all you have read about how harmful all the fast food restaurants are and stop for a Veggie Delite® at SUBWAY®.  Each of these has only 210 calories if you add no mayo and forego the small slice of cheese.  This plus a Diet Coke and you are on your way to losing 245 pounds as did Jared Fogle, the young man who ate nothing but SUBWAY® sandwiches for almost a year in a diet program of his own design that included lots of walking.

Men’s Health magazine ran an article that featured his amazing weight-loss success story. He was the focus of a series of SUBWAY® TV commercials. He has inspired many others to follow his lead.

Exactly what did Jared eat to lose all that weight? He ate a 6-inch SUBWAY® turkey breast sub for lunch and a foot-long SUBWAY® Veggie Delite® sub for dinner. He drank diet soda and occasionally snacked on a bag of baked chips. Jared included lots of walking as part of the diet program he invented. All of this allowed him to lose 245 lbs. in a little less than a year.

The SUBWAY® restaurant chain was founded by Fred DeLuca when he was a 17-year-old college freshman. The first restaurant opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA on August 28, 1965. DeLuca began the business with a $1,000 loan from family friend and partner, Dr. Peter Buck. Dr. Buck suggested that Fred open a sandwich shop in order to make enough money to pay for his college tuition.

There were 39,129 SUBWAY®’s in 95 countries worldwide as of May, 2009, which is actually more than the number of McDonalds restaurants (about 31,000 restaurants in 126 countries). SUBWAY® chain is a privately held company and is not traded on any stock exchange.

In 2010 SUBWAY® was selected “number one” by consumers in the “Most Popular,” “Top Service” and “Healthy Options” categories of the Zagat® Fast-Food Survey.

The 6 inch Turkey Breast sub that has 280 calories is the most popular SUBWAY® sub. The sub I like best is the Veggie Delite® sub on flat bread.  It has just 210 calories, so even if one chooses a 12 inch Veggie Delite® sub, as Jared Fogle did at dinner, the total calorie count is just 420.  Another popular SUBWAY® offering is the 6 inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub that has 370 calories.

There are, of course, subs with several times more calories at SUBWAY®, but the great thing about this fast food chain is that many locations prominently display the number of calories of each offering.

Folks wanting a low calorie offering at Chic Filet can try their popular Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich which has only 300 calories.

Unfortunately, the reputation of fast food establishments suffers with offerings such Burger King’s Triple Whooper with cheese that has 1,230 calories; Hardees’ Monster Thickburger that has 1,420 calories; and McDonalds’ Double Quarter Pounder with cheese that has 750 calories.  Add a regular size order of fries to McDonalds’ Double Quarter Pounder  with cheese and you are up to 1,320 calories.

There is absolutely no magic to losing weight. In the final analysis, Jared Fogle figured out his own plan and lost weight by sticking to it.  His plan was in no book on losing weight. He lost weight because he ate foods with fewer calories and he exercised more than he had been exercising.

Bob Hatcher, now it is up to you to do the same.