This is the title of the keynote address that Dr Hatcher will be giving next week at the CONTRACEPTIVE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE in San Francisco.

The idea of getting serious about reducing the unintended pregnancy rate in this country is what motivated us to publish Choices.

Choices, is designed to give the individual the power to make a good choice about which birth control method will best suit their sexual well-being by clearly giving the reader the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of each contraceptive………..including abstinence!

There is emphasis on the use of LARC (LongActingReversibleMethods), the top tier methods. These are referred to as the, “YOU CAN’T FORGET ME”, methods and if more widely used WILL go a long way in helping to reduce the unintended pregnancy rates.

The center spread of the book will be useful to the individual and to the educator, by showing how contraceptives work, dispelling many of the myths about contraceptives and pointing out the non-contraceptive benefits of contraceptives.

Another important feature of Choices is the CHOICES at YOUR FINGERTIPS chart located in the back of the booklet. Everyone also loves the back cover, “How to Pick a Boyfriend or Girlfriend”.

We are offering something very unique…with an order of 10,000 or more copies (at a low price of $1.25 ea.) you may use the inside front cover to customize for your particular programs message. It becomes YOUR publication!!

We hope you will order copies for everyone in your organization and the participants in your programs, so we can all get serious about the situation of preventing unintended pregnancy that has gone unchanged for the last 50 years!

You can preview the entire booklet Choices and order copies on our website www.ManagingContraception.com

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