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With each ORDER you will receive 1 copy of the pocket guide, Managing Contraception 2010-2012 and 1 copy of the very FIRST bound edition of Contraceptive Technology, dated 1971.

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The 20th revised edition contains many updates including:

  • United States Medical Eligibility Criteria (with descriptions of how some of the more complicated decisions were made)
  • The very latest CDC Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines
  • Sexuality and Contraception – a superb new chapter
  • Menstrual Disordersthis chapter alone is worth the cost of the book
  • The EVER CHANGING new Screening Guidelines for Cervical and Breast Cancers.
  • Assessment of Abnormal Early Pregnancy
  • Update on Guidelines for Contraception for Breastfeeding Women
  • Updated failure rates of all contraceptives that will soon make their way in the package inserts for women receiving contraceptives in the United States
  • Latest on risk for venous thromboembolism  (VTE) for women using new pills
  • Expanded and updated section on medical abortion

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FALL OF 2011

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