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I’ve co-authored sixteen editions of Managing Contraception* with over one million copies in circulation. I’m here to answer your questions about birth control.

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Mirena IUD and Menopause

Question: I'm 52 and am, according to my GP currently in menopause, following some blood tests. I have the Mirena in place, the current one is in since December 2019. My last Mirena was removed due to it moving into the lining of the womb. I am experiencing a brown...

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What’s the scoop with Phexxi?

Question: I am a Nurse Practitioner at Student Health. One of our physicians sent an article about Phexxi, a contraceptive option to use in conjunction with condoms if a patient did not want to use any standard birth control options. What are your thoughts about this?...

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Hair Loss with Nexplanon

Question: “I have a patient that is complaining of hair loss after having Nexplanon placed. Is that common and if so, is there any treatment for it?” Answer: Dear Doctor H., Hair growth / loss is affected by hormones, especially progestins, so it may be a...

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