Sexual Harassment in India and Rabun County

Bob Hatcher

September 18, 2009

Sexual harassment in India is so rampant that there are commuter trains just for women in four large cities. Imagine! Women can’t get onto trains in India without being groped, fondled and verbally abused.

A comment from a reader in Canada: I say, a good step by the Indian Railway!

A Dallas reader wrote back: As a man it both offends and saddens me that women have to resort to separate trains to avoid being accosted by Neanderthals.


These types of women-only commuter trains have been in use in Mexico City for several years now:…  Faced with similar issues and taking note of the Mumbai example, the Japanese followed suit.

A woman from New York replied: “On the one hand, I understand that measures like this are only bandaids for the enormous problem of misogyny and violence against women, that they don’t tackle larger cultural disrespect for women. However, as someone who has been groped on subway trains (both in Mexico City and New York City), I can’t say I’m not grateful for the women’s car.”