Q         I have been on YAZ for about 6 months since stopping Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.  I usually start my period around the day or day after I start a new pack of pills.  My periods last for a day or two.  This month I am 12 days late so far.  I am assuming I won’t be getting a period.  I really doubt that I am pregnant, since we use condoms and I always take my pills.  I sometimes fluctuate within about 3 hours a day in taking them.  Is it common to miss periods on this pill and when I do have periods, should I be starting my period on the new pack of active pills?

Radiation Therapist


You are doing such a great job with your contraception.  Situations like yours point out one of the best reasons why the simultaneous use of pills and condoms is a good idea.  Your use of condoms really minimizes the concern associated with missing your period which definitely can happen to a woman using any of the birth control pills.Stay right on schedule with your next 7 day hormone-free interval and you have nothing at all to worry about taking pills 3 to 6 hours off the regular 24 hour interval.  Very, very light periods or no bleeding at all may occur, particularly on very low-dose pills.

Good luck and great job!

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