Q:        I have a 16 year-old patient who began using oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) extended cycling for acne and heavy menses.  She developed chronic exercise related shortness
of breath and had extensive negative pulmonary and cardiac work up.  I had her stop taking the OCPs and her symptoms completely resolved.

Now, she again wants fewer, lighter menses.  What are her best options? She does not smoke and has no history of blood clots.

A:        Good afternoon,

 Has she considered a Mirena IUD?Women bleed about 95% less after a year on Mirena although there may be lots of days of spotting at the beginning.

Mirena will not help her acne, of course.

Robert A. Hatcher MD, MPH

Emeritus Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Emory University School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

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