What is this new magazine called Choices? 

Q:        I understand there is a new publication available for young men and women.  I hear it has a great diagram describing the advantages of the available contraceptives.  Doesn’t it also have a picture showing the size of the uterus of a young woman who has never been pregnant?   


You are right and below is the diagram of a young woman who has never been pregnant.

The book is intentionally organized in a way that tells young men and women the advantages of each contraceptive:  from condoms, abstinence and withdrawal to the ParaGard IUD, the Mirena IUD, Implanon implant, pills, rings and patches.

In early April the company that produces Choices received 2 remarkable orders: one from the state of West Virginia for 10,000 copies and one from the state of Florida for 1,000 copies. 

How many copies would you like?  You can order  Choices from our website: www.managingcontraception.com or by calling 404-875-5001.  We think you will love it!