Why is condom use difficult in “trusting relationships that are NOT truly trusting relationships”?

Robert A. Hatcher MD, MPH


Q:        Elizabeth Scharf, would you share your take-home essay with us at Managing Contraception?

A:        Individuals in a “trust” relationship sometimes walk a tight-rope between protecting oneself and protecting the trust of the relationship. This particular issue hits close to home. As an HIV-testing counselor, I have encountered countless cases of women who reported that their steady boyfriend or “baby daddy” gave them a sexually transmitted disease during their long-term or “monogamous” relationship. Unfortunately for these women, a fair number of these infections are asymptomatic and go unnoticed until irreversible damage has been done, such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

A heterosexual relationship is an intricate balance between two biologically distinct beings, and anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that at times it can be anything but an emotional walk in the park. For better or worse, men and women differ intellectually, emotionally, and sexually.

Elizabeth A. Scharf

Student at the Rollins School of Public Health

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

What a great opening paragraph.  This is so powerful!


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